Will the ‘résumé black hole’ keep you from getting the job?

Resume Black Hole - HiringWith a job search process that has become entirely digitized, it’s easy to feel like little more than a number. So what’s a thoroughly frustrated, yet eminently-qualified applicant to do?

While there’s no shortage of advice out there, it’s not always in agreement. One key issue of contention is the so-called “résumé black hole”.

With hundreds of jobseekers vying for a single opening, your own application can remain unseen by human eyes all the way through the process.

Does that mean applying online is actually pointless? That’s the advice presented by Forbes Magazine in at least some of its (seemingly conflicting) coverage.

Calling it “useless”, they recommend skipping this step entirely and instead locating the hiring manager, then contacting him or her directly.

At One Life at a Time, the advice is a bit different. While it’s true the online application process can’t be relied upon to secure an interview, it is still necessary to do so.

Deb Raymond, Associate Director of Business Development and Career Strategist at One Life at a Time, offers this insight: “Many résumés get lost through online applications due to Applicant Tracking Systems that are now widely used, aka the ‘black hole’.

Raymond Deb“While most companies do require that candidates apply online, the best thing one can do is identify a contact within the company who can give their résumé to a decision-maker. That way, there are human eyes on their document as well as digital ones,” she adds.

The bottom line: while realizing that the digital process more often than not leads to disappointment, it’s still necessary to file your application online.

For someone to actually read it, however, human interaction is required.

One Life at a Time offers a Career Boot Camp designed to bring you up to speed on the latest job search tactics and trends, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and networking techniques, as well as target company research.

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