Underutilized at work? It could be time to change careers

Feeling like you’re not making a real contribution to the world around you, or that your skills are woefully underutilized at work?Young man bored at work

This could mean it’s time to strongly consider a career change. And you’re far from alone: in a recent survey, only 13% of Americans feel their job is “meaningful”.

Conducted by the Gallup Organization, the study also found that just 20% of workers feel they are properly utilized based on their skills and experience.

So if you’re part of the 87%, the elusive feeling that your talents have been put to good use can seem unattainable.

While many languish for years in this sad state, others take action and begin the process of changing careers. Fortunately, there is no shortage of advice out there designed to make the process easier.

And One Life at a Time is here to help, as well. Visit our main website to learn more.

Monster.com, for example, lists their top 10 “worst mistakes a career changer can make” which is designed to prevent impulsive, ill-advised shifts that may backfire, doing more harm than good.

They suggest dipping your toe in the water first through an internship to make sure you’d be happy in your new line of work. In addition, shifting merely because a friend is doing well in that field, or you’ve heard the position pays well, is strongly discouraged.

Careershifters emphasizes meeting with people and networking, rather than merely applying for openings. They further suggest finding colleagues who also want to make a switch and working as a team to make the move.

For career changers, One Life at a Time has a variety of available resources. Call (781) 681-7003 for more information on meeting with a job coach, rewriting your résumé or signing up for one of our courses.

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