Has your job search hit a wall? Why you shouldn’t despair

At a time when the hiring process has largely become digitized, it’s easy to become discouraged when job search efforts seemingly hit a wall.linkedin-2

Has an actual human seen my application?

When all hope seems lost, however, there are many ways to restore hope and recover a sense of self-worth. 

While advice differs somewhat based on who’s offering it, there are several common themes:

1. Merely applying for jobs online does very little when it doesn’t involve face-to-face meetings with key individuals inside the company. Worse, your information ends up in an electronic “resume black hole”, never reaching the hiring manager’s desk.

Instead, “You need to actively go out and get what you want. The most successful job hunters know how to build and leverage their network and contact ‘strangers’ directly to get meetings; that is, they tap into the hidden job market.” says Robert Hellmann, writing for Forbes.

woman-applying-for-job2. Cut out negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, which could be your worst enemy throughout the process.

“It can be easy to let negative thoughts creep in and drain your energy, thus making it even tougher to get back on track. So when you feel yourself focusing on negative things, turn them around and choose to take a positive perspective on them,” writes Randi Bussin, a career coach and personal branding specialist.

3. Radically overhaul your LinkedIn strategy. Wait, you don’t have a LinkedIn strategy? Now is the time to develop one!

“You’re never a smart jobseeker, if employers can’t find you on LinkedIn. Even after you’ve submitted your resume to an employer, they might just go and check out your profile on LinkedIn. Don’t just create your account on this professional network, but be more active to connect with influential people, industry experts and potential employers,” says James Tomerson at the Undercover Recruiter.

One Life at a Time offers a Career Boot Camp designed to bring you up to speed on the latest job search tactics and trends, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and networking techniques, as well as target company research.

In addition, we offer LinkedIn courses covering beginning and intermediate levels.

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