Will this tough question derail your next job interview?

With particularly difficult questions, are some interviewers continually looking for new ways to trip up job candidates?

bad-interview-2While the answer is almost certainly YES, can you really blame them?

After all, for hiring managers, time is scarce and quickly weeding out unqualified applicants is paramount. We shouldn’t take it personally!

Besides, you DID anticipate this, didn’t you?

Of course, even the best-prepared job seeker can be derailed by a query that seems to come out of left field.

Here’s one you should be well-prepared to answer:

“One year from now, if you’re part of our team, how will you judge if [your time here] has been a success?”

How would you respond? Taking the time to consider your professional goals ahead of the interview will make answering this question easier. What will you bring to the company?

Other potential interview questions can be found here.


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