Landing that dream job: What’s holding you back?

Nothing can be more frustrating than that seeming barrier keeping you from landing your dream job.logo2

Despite considerable experience, expertise and best efforts, getting your foot in the door can often seem nearly impossible.

So what’s the key to breaking through?

Especially if it has been some time since you were last between jobs, one major hurdle is likely your own approach. Are you up-to-date with all of the latest techniques?

Lily Zhang, a career development specialist at MIT, believes three key job-hunting mistakes need to be corrected:

1- When zeroing in on a position, not having a clear idea of your intent. “No company wants to be your trial run, so any indication that you’re not totally sold on a particular position is a big turn-off,” Zhang writes.stress-during-interview

2- Focusing too much on yourself, rather than what you can offer the company. “When you’re applying for a job, they care much more about what skills you have to offer and what problems you can solve—and a lot less about what you’re going to get out of it,” she says.

3- After a difficult job search, projecting limiting beliefs and attitudes, which can be detected by interviewers. “Whether you’re frustrated or just sad, you want to be careful that these emotions aren’t slipping into your search. For example, even if you feel like an utter imposter trying to apply for a reach position, do not apologize for your lack of experience in your cover letter,” she adds.

One Life at a Time offers a Career Boot Camp designed to bring you up to speed on the latest job search tactics and trends, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing and networking techniques, as well as target company research.

Ready to sign up? Space is limited.

The next class will be held at our Braintree facility, 400 Washington St., Suite 308.

Call (781) 681-7003 for dates and to reserve your spot.

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